About Moomoo

Our company was born in 2018 when 3 mothers had the idea of starting a brand with the purpose of helping to create a better world. This ideal is reflected in everything we do - the materials we use, our products, and the social causes we support.

Our production process seeks to minimize environmental footprint. Each stage of the production process seeks to minimize environmental impact. Each collection presents unique and playful prints that celebrate the Brazilian biodiversity, further emphasizing the message that Earth must be taken care of.

Our design language connects with nature themes native to Brazil - the rain forest, the unique fauna and flora of our country.

We currently run 3 retails stores in addition to our online channel. One of our stores is located at one of the top high-end shopping malls in Brazil.

It is understood that the search continues and still has much to improve. It is also understood that education is an essential pillar for the transformation of a society.

MooMoo believes that valuing its own environmental wealth is a way of rescuing the culture of a people who often lack this connection with nature.

Welcome to Moomoo!


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